Dried fruits

Organic crops




Dried organic apples and fruit are always in our sets. Our health and the vitality of our body are important to us. These unique products are supplied, among others, by the Kooperatywa Spożywcza Żuławska.

Kooperatywa Spożywcza Żuławska is a group of ecology and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. It supports domestic production, which brings together farmers producing organic, natural food and a group of recipients of these products, customers and conscious people who care to eat high-quality food.

The guiding idea of ​​the KSŻ is the locality of agricultural producers and the smallest possible number of intermediaries, so that the food goes the shortest way from the farmer to the recipient-consumer.

It is also important to be able to see the plant breeding process and learn valuable knowledge about natural, ecological crops and methods of storing and preserving food by working on the farm, which is why the Cooperative supports everyone who wants to gain this knowledge and be part of it. Through contact of interested persons with farmers.

The goal is to move away from globalized farming and cultivation, to promote local Polish crops, to care for the existence of Polish farms and to pay them properly for their work for human health.