The SPOKO Fund has been developing together with SPOKO – Społeczny Kosz. It receives all profits earned from sales of gift boxes. The profits are invested in the equipment and infrastructure needed to increase the productive capacity of partner social enterprises and their revenue from sales of goods and services.

The fund does not offer monetary grants, but instead purchases necessary equipment, pays for packaging design or booths at trade exhibitions
and supports social enterprises in other ways. Such actions are to promote the independence of partner social enterprises.


Integration between generations

This year, as part of cooperation with the participants of the PSONI in Gdańsk, we decided to celebrate the successful Christmas edition of SPOKO Społeczny Kosz 2022 with a walk together and a delicious pizza at the Rogata restaurant in Gdańsk. We haven’t had so much fun in a long time and our youngest helper, Janka, was already able to integrate with disabled people. Thank you for this day! It was delicious, fun and very positive!

TALKERSI English course for PSONI in Gdańsk

As part of the activities of the SPOKO Fund in the field of intersectoral cooperation, we establish business relationships that result in new projects. Talkersi.pl ​​has joined the group of SPOKO partners. As part of this cooperation, a therapy instructor from the PSONI Gdańsk received a one-year course from the online English school, talkersi.pl. Participation in the English language course will raise the qualifications, thanks to which the instructor will establish contact with foreign volunteers with whom PSONI cooperates.

Together, we believe in the power to create positive change through the development of new skills, such as learning a foreign language. We keep our fingers crossed for Ms. Monika’s rapid linguistic development.

The course voucher was presented during the last meeting with social economy organizations and companies at the headquarters of Pomeranian Employers.

You can see the full recording of this event on our Facebook channel: https://fb.watch/8mBztlRenq/



Designing products

We constantly work with all our suppliers, both regular and new, regarding the quality of their products. We analyze their capabilities in terms of resources, employees, and technology. In 2021, we designed 4 new products for our suppliers, which were included in our SPOKO Giftboxes:




Sunny Hill:

Sunny Hill Foundation with BASE certificate

It is with great pleasure that we gave the BASE certificate, i.e. the certificate of the organization ready to work with business, to the Sunny Hill Foundation. Joint activities regarding the possibilities of developing products and services offered by the Foundation forecast long-term cooperation :). It is a place that supports people with disabilities through education, rehabilitation, and integration. In addition, the people who make up this Foundation try to build bonds between the inhabitants of the countryside, conduct activities against helplessness and social exclusion, and educate children and adults on issues related to ecology.



CIEKAWA Café in Gdańsk

As a means of supporting our suppliers the SPOKO Fund implemented and certified the system designed to increase the effectiveness of social organizations cooperating with businesses (BASE – Business Awareness Social Economy). The CIEKAWA Social Cooperative aims to manage the social enterprise café and catering and offer employment to persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Main beneficiaries of the Fund’s actions are adults with intellectual disability who leave occupational therapy.



Browar Spółdzielczy – Social Cooperative DALBA

Browar Spółdzielczy (Cooperative Brewery) is one of our suppliers awarded the BASE (Business Awareness Social Economy) certificate. As a means of supporting our suppliers the SPOKO Fund implemented and certified the system designed to increase the effectiveness of social organizations cooperating with businesses. Browar Spółdzielczy, built on kindness, enthusiasm, determination and passion, is run by The DALBA Social Cooperative employing persons with disabilities.



PSONI Occupational Therapy Workshop in Gdańsk

The SPOKO Fund and Eurocash Group, the company involved in many social actions, philanthropy and fundraising, organized a volunteer program for Eurocash employees, to renovate and adapt workshop spaces for PSONI in Gdańsk. This means PSONI beneficiaries can participate in occupational therapy and make handicraft for sale to support their organization.

Honorary patronage

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