A Story of Fruits

mazurskie słoiki dostawca SPOKO






These little jars contains the unique taste of fruit from Polish forests. Raspberry, blackberry, wild strawberry are fruits that will bring our thoughts back to the sunny summer on a winter day. The fruit comes from a natural forest, so it does not contain any fertilizers, it is picked by hand and it tastes impossibly good.

The brand “Mazurskie Słoiki” belongs to the Negocjator Social Cooperative (Negotiator) offering high-quality local products: jams, juices, syrups manufactured in traditional ways. Also, the Cooperative has opened the tea room in the Ostróda Castle and Olsztynek.

Once a culture animator, the owner of the Negocjator Social Cooperative creates new workplaces for local communities and help those in need. By promoting social economy initiatives, it engages unemployed persons, senior citizens, those at risk of social exclusion and others who are willing to join in. The result of their cooperation is the tea room in Olsztynek offering herbal teas and mixtures brewed from uniques recipes.