The smell of Christmas

Chocolate-cinnamon dizzy





“Essence from nature” is a project by Tri-City handicraft artist Monika, which was created out of the need for creative creation and passion for the DIY formula (i.e. “do it yourself”)

Monika started her adventure with fragrances by making scented pendants for the wardrobe. The candles appeared at the request of friends and it was a hit.

Glass jar, GMO-free soy wax, selected fragrance compositions and wooden wick. Just enough to enjoy the soy candle and fill your home with its aroma. The wooden wick additionally relaxes with sound because it imitates a sparkling fire in the fireplace.

Candles and soy waxes are kept in a minimalist atmosphere, ensuring that everything is as environmentally friendly as possible.

This year, in cooperation with SPOKO Społeczny Kosz, were created christmas scents of chocolate, clove and cinnamon.