Packing Gift Boxes

A Story of Beautiful Cooperation









Our gift box packaging process requires skill and concentration as many of the products are extremely fragile. The method of organizing products in the box must be exactly right so that nothing is damaged during transport.

PSONI Occupation Therapy participants perfected the task and managed to put together almost 800 gift boxes in a week in the last-year edition of SPOKO – Społeczny Kosz!

According to the participants, packaging gift boxes means not only enthusiastic engagement for them but also an ideal opportunity to prepare for the open job market.

“Our cooperation lets us practice optimism and consistency and makes us feel that what we do means something not only to us but to other people too :)”

PSONI – the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability promotes equal rights and opportunities, a greater respect for human rights and active participation in society of persons with intellectual disability and stronger support for their families. The Association achieves its goals and activities through running its facilities and organizing long- and short-term, single- and multiple-edition projects.