A gift for a gift



We could not imagine a Christmas gift without a sock in which you can hide chocolate sweets or cookies that smell like gingerbread and cinnamon. We realized our idea with two suppliers: Elbląg Center for Social Integration and the Sunny Hill Foundation. We changed sizes, fillings and materials until the perfect gift socks were created.

The Sunny Hill Foundation supports persons with disabilities through education, therapy and integration. Additionally, the Foundation members foster good community spirit in the rural neighbourhood, fight social exclusion and powerlessness, and educate children and adults about environmental issues.

The Elbląg Center for Social Integration, as part of the Elbląg Association for Supporting Non-Governmental Initiatives, implements a project aimed at supporting people in a difficult life situation from the area of Elbląg and the Elbląg County, aged 15-64, who are working on changing their social and professional activity. The project is also addressed to people with a certificate of the degree of disability.