A Story of Unique Handicraft


When you look at a product, how often do you think about the time, energy and passion put into it? How much time did its creator spend on choosing right materials or perfecting techniques? That’s why we value and choose the products handcrafted by creators with disabilities.

Coasters are crafted from straws formed from upcycled newspapers. Making these coasters requires skill and patience. It takes about an hour to make just one.

Beneficiaries of the Sunny Hill Foundation (Fundacja Słoneczne Wzgórze) pour the same skill and patience into beautiful minimalist baubles formed from ecological cord and decorative elements. It seems to be the ideal occupational therapy for persons on the autism spectrum.

The Sunny Hill Foundation supports persons with disabilities through education, therapy and integration. Additionally, the Foundation members foster good community spirit in the rural neighbourhood, fight social exclusion and powerlessness, and educate children and adults about environmental issues.