Fruit and Veg Reusable Bags

Original solutions in an unusual place







We should care what we use to pack our shopping like fruit and vegetables. In our gift boxes we offer eco-friendly fruit and veg bags produced from recycled materials with zero waste principles in mind in the Elbląg Centre for Social Integration.

The Elbląg Centre for Social Integration (Elbląskie Centrum Integracji Społecznej  – CIS), part of the Elbląg Association for Non-Governmental Initiative Support, leads a project aimed at supporting local residents, aged 14-64 years, who are working towards a change in their social and professional activities. The projects also includes persons with disabilities.

CIS supports participants in developing and maintaining motivation to grow so that they can navigate the job market and find and keep a job thanks to their newly acquired qualifications and skills.

A great advantage of the project is offering a space where participants’ new professional skills can be developed and tested. One of such spaces is the sewing and upholstery workshop where Fruit and Veg Reusable Bags are made.