A story of Some Ceramics

kacze bagno dostawca SPOKO
The Kacze Bagno Social Cooperative (Duck Swamp), founded in 2014, provides educational courses for children, teenagers and adults. In the ceramics studio workshops are held, and beautiful decorations are handcrafted.

The Cooperative is full of Positive Initiatives based on advanced ecological systems. It has won many prestigious awards. Its mission is educating and inspiring everyone.

“Our beneficiaries, younger and older alike, learn to feel the satisfaction of a task well done, to believe in themselves and to go on an adventure. After just several hours of work, they stage plays, play concerts or dance with fire. They eat bread they have baked (…). Later, they sit in a circle and talk about their day, what they would like to learn the next day, what they love the most (…) They are a community.”